2015/16 Women’s National League launch

In 2015, our client Continental Tyres asked us to take a different approach to the launch of the 2015/16 Women’s National League.  Year one of the sponsorship had created a strong identity for the Continental brand as title sponsor; in year two we learned the importance of allowing the clubs and players themselves to promote the game at grassroots level.

Tasked with executing a launch that would highlight both the sponsor’s commitment to women’s football as well as the unwavering support of the FAI, we asked the association to use its new state-of-the-art training HQ in Abbotstown. We scheduled the launch for a Saturday, giving the (very interested) media time to interact with the players while we shot a video that captured the excitement and tension ahead of a new season.

The results included a spectacular piece of video content, while feedback from clubs and players highlighted the growing bond between sponsor/supporter and the WNL: the beginning of a beautiful friendship