5 characteristics for a PR career

There has been a surge of interest in Public Relations this past decade. More journalists are making the crossover. More graduates are entering the industry. More college-bound students are selecting PR as their first choice. A PR career has never seemed more enticing.

With the industry now changing and expanding at a faster pace than ever before, there is something for everyone in PR. But what are the characteristics and skills you’ll need to forge a successful career in PR? Here we look at the top 5 tools of the trade:

Fantastic communications skills

It stands to reason that the best PR professionals are better than average communicators. “In public relations, writing is everything,” says the industry bible PR Week. Your content-creating skills need to be outstanding. Same goes for your knowledge of how to optimize and even how to verbally present that content.

Alert to every opportunity

All PR account executives work to a set of targets and objectives agreed by both agency and client. The very best account executives also serve as the ‘eyes and ears’ of their clients. They actively scan the market for news, always thinking about opportunities to promote the brand. Even though we are an industry of talkers, your listening skills must be honed to a fine edge also.

Staying ahead of the game

Every industry is constantly evolving, and PR is no different. Technology in particular has had a profound effect on the way agencies operate and anyone now working in PR needs to get on top of the changing skills needed for success – and stay on top of them.

A creative mind

Not everybody in PR needs to be creative, but the more people who are – the better. We provide a creative service, after all, developing ideas and stories that catch the eye and strike a chord with their various intended targets – media, influencers, consumers. There will always be a place and a need for good creative ideas in PR.

Mastering the multi-tasking

PR is all about the team and the most successful agencies reflect the collaborative effort that goes on behind the scenes. If you land a job in PR, get ready to juggle. On a daily basis, you are likely to be involved in a bewildering array of different activities so embrace the busy-ness – and learn to love your to-do lists!

Interested in a career in PR?

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