Enterprise Rent-A-Car

The rising cost of motor insurance has already impacted heavily on ordinary motorists, with the average premium increasing by some €300 in the past two years alone. As a car rental provider, insurance is central to the Enterprise business model. Last year alone the company concluded around 630,000 rental agreements, every one of which was underpinned by insurance cover.

Cullen Communications has been tasked with developing a Public Affairs campaign designed to raise awareness of the impact of rising insurance costs – on business and tourism as well as ordinary motorists – and the urgent need for reform within the insurance sector. Focusing on the growing volume and value of personal injury awards – which contribute directly to the cost of insurance – we made the introduction of an EU benchmark for ‘whiplash’ and other soft tissue injuries our campaign priority.

We then leveraged our contacts and communications expertise to bring Enterprise into the debate on motor insurance, positioning the company as an expert stakeholder on the issue, with vast experience and an unparalleled supply of comparison data from other markets. We secured a high-profile opinion piece in the Irish Times on behalf of the Enterprise MD, George O’Connor, as well as facilitating a series of meetings with key Government and policy-making officials.

Following publication of a report by the Joint Committee on Finance, Public Expenditure and Reform, a new Personal Injuries Commission has been established to investigate the claims process in Ireland. One of the recommendations the Commission is considering is the introduction of “that personal injury awards be benchmarked internationally and indexed against EU average awards”.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car has been asked by Insurance Ireland to join a working group which will facilitate and support the work of the Commission.