IBAL ‘Litter Twitter’

Over the years, Irish Business Against Litter (IBAL) has enjoyed great success in mobilising local councils into keeping their towns and villages clean. The high-profile activity is necessarily sporadic, however, and we needed to devise a way of ensuring that councils and the public maintain a focus on litter all year round. We created a Twitter account (@litterspotter) inviting citizens to look out for litter blackspots in their area and tweet a photo which would be brought to the attention of the local council. By keeping a strong local focus, the programme that would deliver a local benefit. The launch of Litter Twitter (in Dublin city centre, one of Ireland’s worst areas for litter) was covered by all main daily newspapers, in addition to state radio which interviewed the IBAL Chairman twice. More than 50 regional titles covered the event, as did almost 20 radio stations.

The agency was subsequently contacted by the ‘Keep Australia Beautiful’ National Association, who are considering replicating the programme down under.