Why Outsourcing Your PR Is the Greatest Move You Can Make

by | 20 Jul 2017 | Insights

If you are new to PR, if you’re starting up a new business, or if you are looking for a fresh approach, read on about why having a PR Agency is a good idea.

That’s a question we hear a lot! We hear it most often at events where we’re networking with people who don’t have a PR strategy and who are curious about what a PR agency can do for them.

Pushed to give a short answer, we’d usually say something like:

  • PR helps you connect with your target audiences
  • It enhances your brand’s credibility
  • It supports your wider business objectives
  • It puts you in the conversation

If you are new to PR, if you’re starting up a new business, or if you know your way around PR but are looking for a fresh approach, here’s the longer version.

Build brand awareness

Public relations is the most effective way to generate positive brand awareness.

That’s because the output of a successful strategy – sustained, consistent news coverage – carries more weight and credibility than, say, paid-for advertising.

By managing the flow of information, an agency can ensure that media coverage is always on-message, reflecting the agreed communications objectives while supporting the client’s brand values.

Telling your story

Every good brand has a story to tell.

That’s something we’ve always believed, and every company is a story in itself.

PR is unquestionably the best way to tell those stories. Public Relations is all about dialogue: engaging with stakeholders through the power of conversation.

By adopting a story-telling approach, agencies help their clients to show that they have a distinctive brand personality.

Emphasizing a company’s unique qualities can help them to achieve stand-out in a competitive market.


PR is more cost-effective than other forms of marketing communications.

It’s certainly less expensive than advertising when it comes to building profile and awareness.

While most ad campaigns have a clearly-defined start and finish, PR is more fluid; it continues to work after a campaign has ‘officially’ ended.

Long-term commitment

PR represents an investment in a brand’s value, reputation and awareness.

It is the most effective way to positively shape and influence public opinion – but it doesn’t happen overnight.

Clients need to play the long game by committing to a building process.

By laying the foundations, it is possible to establish a sustainable communications platform with both awareness and credibility growing incrementally over time.

Throughout this process, target audiences become more familiar and more receptive to the messages.

‘PR never sleeps’

When you appoint an agency, you are partnering with a team that knows the communications business inside-out.

Your agency then works to immerse itself in your business, getting a full understanding of where you are and where you need to get to.

Then the fun starts!

‘PR never sleeps’ is a widely used expression in our industry. That’s because a good PR agency will constantly monitor the market for news, developments, angles, anything that can be leveraged for the client.

In this way, your agency is more than just a service provider – it becomes a trusted partner.

Everything your agency does on your behalf is designed to enhance and contribute to your business.

While the client gets on with the day job, the agency is continuously active on their behalf – a win-win.

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