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Camera-ready! With media training, why practice really does make perfect

As any singing teacher worth their salt will tell you, everyone can sing. Even someone who thinks they are congenitally pre-disposed to being a ‘non-singer’ can be trained to produce a song of passable quality. The same applies to being a good media performer. Just as...

Why we’re proudly flying the flag for diversity

It’s now more important than ever to welcome all difference for the betterment of society as we move towards a more diverse future.

Owen Cullen appointed Chair of the Board of PRCA

Owen Cullen, MD of Cullen Communications, was today appointed Chair of PRCA, Ireland’s trade association for the public relations sector.

Be a better public speaker

Be a better public speaker

For most of us public speaking is a bit of an ordeal. Here we look at the practicalities of how to prepare, overcome nerves & give a confident performance.

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