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Our approach to PR

Our approach is founded on the principle of ‘PR plus’ – being more than just an agency. When you work with us, you get a trusted partner that is an extension of your business; an expert guide you can turn to at any time. In the changing world of communications, we are at the cutting edge of integrated PR and marketing strategy.

We can help you with…

Tipp24 - a full-scale PR campaign to launch our clients services in Ireland. Partnering with Sean O'Brien, we delivered a reach of 23,000,000 through a comprehensive campaign. Find out more in Our Work page.

PR strategy
to raise your brand profile

As a full-service PR and marketing agency with a 35-year track record, we are vastly experienced in the art of generating profile and visibility for brands, large and small. Working closely with you to understand your communications needs and objectives, we will design and implement a strategy that brings you closer to your target audiences. At the heart of your PR strategy will be a programme of targeted media relations that leverages our extensive network of media contacts. What does PR success look like to you?

that create impact & coverage

Event planning and execution is one of our core specialities, and our award-winning events team is dedicated to creating impactful, memorable occasions that maximise stakeholder engagement and make the most of your budget. Whether it’s a one-off (e.g. new product launch, media briefing) or recurring event (e.g. annual awards, staff conference), we will use our experience, imagination, and vast network of partners/suppliers to surpass your expectations. For truly eventful PR, pick up the phone to us today.

Continental Tyres Irish Car of the Year - one of our long running annual events we manage that includes publicity, sourcing and booking venues, celebrity MC hosts, post event coverage and more.
An example of one website we have created for the Irish Car of the Year that was updated live as the announcements were being made. The website was accompanied by a social media campaign that delivered timely information to readers. has been built and content-supported throughout the year by our in-house digital PR team.

…Digital activities, increasing your brand presence online

In today’s digital world, it is vital for brands to have a strong online presence that creates constant interaction, generating leads and sales to support the wider business. Digital strategy is a key component of contemporary PR, and our digital team can help you to make the most of the online world. We specialise in social media marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), email marketing, PPC, and other digital strategies that are transparent and directly measurable through analytics, that bring you closer to your target audience. We do the hard work – you get the results.

…Sponsorship activation and optimisation

Behind every successful sponsorship is a PR team that knows how to maximise returns for all stakeholders. We have an outstanding track record of identifying, agreeing, activating, and optimising sponsorship programmes across a range of sectors.

We have managed high-profile partnerships, including awards programmes, in areas of sport, automotive, mobility, education, media, food, and technology. Our sponsorship team is vastly experienced in the activation of both new and existing sponsorship programmes that enhance brand awareness and deliver commercial gains.

Novaerus McGreals and Leinster partnership - Cullen Communications
Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar at McArdle Skeath event, organised by Cullen Communications.

…Individual, targeted Public Affairs strategy

We are active, experienced, and highly connected in the field of Public Affairs/lobbying and have spearheaded many successful campaigns on behalf of clients in the media, automotive, insurance, and other sectors. Our bespoke Public Affairs strategy will ensure key messages are targeted and delivered with maximum clarity and impact. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

Fresh, original content that tells your story

The great strength of PR is its unrivalled ability to tell a story; to create a narrative that resonates with its intended audience. As an agency, we have spent over three decades helping brands to tell their stories to the wider world. At the heart of our story-telling technique is a dedication to language, tone, and context that makes the most of every channel. We are an agency of content-creators, dedicated to choosing the right word or image at every turn.

Content creation does not stop at writing, but also video story-telling and digital medium deliveries using innovative and captivating content to engage audiences.
Media Training Services - Cullen Communications

…Working with influencers

Influencers are just as important as media and we engage with them in a similar way: it can be a ‘collaborative’ relationship which will require a payment fee or an earned relationship with no payment fee required. When engaging with influencers we develop a key target list of influencers, tiered by importance: macro influencers, and micro influencers

…Nailing that TV or radio interview

We have provided bespoke media training to some of Ireland’s biggest brands, helping leadership teams become more comfortable in the role of spokesperson and enabling individuals to fulfil their potential as strategic brand representatives. Talk to us about your media training needs.

Media Training Services - Cullen Communications
Issues Management - Cullen Communications

…Issues and crisis management

For most brands, especially those operating in controversial industries, the prospect of facing a PR crisis is more a question of when rather than if. The way organisations respond to crisis can either provide an image boost or damage the brand and alienate customers. We have vast experience of advising and protecting clients by responding to issues and crises quickly, efficiently and clearly, using all available platforms to communicate with stakeholders. In recent years, we have dealt successfully with brand recalls, global events, accidents, data privacy, investor relations and investigations, pandemic issues and more.