How DPD Ireland is Accelerating Productivity with Ford Pro

Showcasing how companies can improve their vehicle fleet operations through the enhanced tools of the Ford Pro telematics / fleet management system

 Managing a commercial vehicle fleet efficiently poses significant challenges for companies. Without advanced telematics systems, businesses can struggle to monitor and optimise their vehicle usage, leading to wasted resources and reduced profitability.

We saw the benefit in highlighting our client, Ford Ireland’s Ford Pro advanced telematics system and how it can help companies streamline their fleet management while at the same time saving on the bottom line. DPD Ireland is the first company to harness the full power of the Ford Pro system for managing their fleet of 220 full electric Ford E-Transit models.  We  presented the idea for the video case study and liaised with the DPD Ireland team to get their buy in.

Collaborating closely with both Ford and DPD, Cullen Communications crafted a storyboard and script for the video, ensuring alignment with the desired messaging. Once finalised, we partnered with video production company, Hedgehogs vs. Foxes,  to execute a three-day shoot at both a Ford Transit Centre in Dublin and at DPD’s facilities in Athlone and Claregalway, collaborating with the teams on the ground and overseeing shot set up and tweaking the script as needed.

The resulting video which used 95 percent of the Cullen Communications’ script, showcased the practical benefits of the Ford Pro telematics system in real-world fleet management scenarios. Emphasising efficiency, cost savings, and improved operational performance, the video serves as a compelling case study highlighting Ford Pro as the ideal solution for businesses who need to upgrade their fleet management processes to incorporate the very latest technologies.

Content Creation

Spotting the opportunity of telling the Ford Pro story through an engaging piece of video that showed real world use of the array of services available to fleet managers under the Ford Pro umbrella. Bringing the project to reality by scripting a convincing argument for the project with very clear ROI benefit. The engaging, succinct script told the story in a 90-second video.


The project served to highlight Ford’s green credentials as the star of the show was Ford’s fully electric E-Transit – DPD Ireland has a fleet of some 220 E-Transit models.