Camogie Player Empowerment: “Our Game Your Game”

To freshen the games appeal and to specifically highlight player empowerment we elevated the #OurGameYourGame for Camogie Association campaign to bring some new excitement

The Camogie Association wanted to continue with the successful “Our Game Your Game” campaign in 2016 and were keen to elevate the campaign through player profiling.

We knew that the #OurGameYourGame campaign had gained good momentum over the years but our understanding women’s offer real insights into the training inter county teams were doing to get the edge on the competition. For this series, our primary focus was on profiling the strength and conditioning aspect of preparing for the Camogie Championships.  

In partnership with the Camogie Association we identified players who had an interesting story to tell and scheduled a content gathering day with these four players ahead of the Championship.

We worked closely on creative concepts with photographers and videographers and used a rugged strength and conditioning gym backdrop for the shoot. The edgy backdrop was important to move further away from the misconceptions of traditional Camogie training and match day preparations.

The campaign offered a fresh insight into the type of training and commitment that inter county players give to their sport. Working with four key players from four senior inter county teams help us to secure media interest in national and regional media outlets. 

Media Relations

We secured four interviews in the Irish Independent and Irish Examiner sports sections ahea dof upcoming games. We also secured several articles with imagery in relevant regional titles ahead of championship games. 

Content Creation

Utilising our four inter-county players we arranged a content gathering day which generated good content outputs including, a clever campaign video, player interviews and dynamic photography with players. 

Influencer Relations

We worked closely with four senior inter county players to capture their dynamic ‘Our Game Your Game’ imagery and successfully secured media interviews for each player. 



Secured weekly articles in Irish Independent and Irish Examiner with imagery captured on the content gathering day.


Rich content from the shoot used to launch the 2016 campaign and individual stories and video interviews shared out directly to Camogie fans across own social channels.