Get Your Content to the Top: The 7 Essentials of SEO Writing

by | 1 Jul 2019 | Insights

Anyone writing for a living these days needs to know the basics of search engine optimisation. To help you get going, here we outline our 7 quick SEO tips.

Anyone writing for a living these days, or indeed anyone looking for SEO writing services in Ireland, needs to know the basics of search engine optimisation. To help you get going, here we outline our 7 quick SEO tips.

The power and influence of search means that knowing how to optimize a piece of content has become almost as important a service as knowing how to write that content in the first place.

Luckily, incorporating the principles of SEO into your copywriting is not difficult. Make it a part of your writing routine and you’ll turn out perfectly optimized content every time. To get you on the right path, here are our 7 tips:

Find your keywords

Once you’ve settled on a topic, research what people in Ireland are interested in and asking about that topic. Make a list of the words and phrases (long tail keywords) that keep cropping up. Open a spreadsheet and start compiling topic-keyword lists for future reference. It’ll save you time further down the track.

Use your keywords

As you write your blog, make sure your keywords appear regularly. Use them in your headline, your sub-headers and in the opening sentences of paragraphs so they’ll get spotted by Google. That’s what will bump you up the rankings.

Use your own words too

Remember too that SEO is not all about robots. You are writing something that real people in Ireland are going to read. So you have to make it readable! You’ll find some tips on better copywriting here.

Not too short, not too long

Bite-sized content is great and easy to read, but search engines like blogs and articles that have substance and offer a service. Typically, you should aim for between 300 and 600 words to find the happy medium. That gives you plenty of scope to include lots of detailed writing (and keywords) without giving visitors the impression that your article is too long or hard to read.

Use an optimising tool

If you’re publishing on a platform like WordPress, there are free plug-ins that offer a service which will get you SEO-friendly in no time. Tools like Yoast are easy to use and give you real-time analysis on your content, images, meta descriptions and everything else. Again, it’s a simple process you can go through with every piece of copy you write.

Take a last look

This isn’t just an SEO tip, it’s one of the most fundamental principles of any writing. When you’re satisfied that your article is done, dusted and ready to go, force yourself back to the beginning and read through it one last time. You will always find things you can improve, both for your SEO and for those real people who are going to be reading what you’ve written. Never settle for draft 1!

Spread the word – promote

You’ve done the hard part. Your beautifully optimized content has been published. Job done?

Not quite. Your final task is to promote your blog or article by sharing it on Twitter, Facebook and anywhere else you can. Remember too that if your content is ‘evergreen’, you can continue sharing it into the future.

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