Cullen Communications is one of Ireland’s leading communications agencies, providing Public Relations, Digital and Creative Services to an array of national and international clients.

We provide expert advice and consultancy across a range of sectors including automotive, media, sport, education, travel/tourism and the environment.

Our work has been consistently recognised by the PRCA and PRGN with awards and commendations. Find out more about what we can do for you.

Like so much else in life, Public Relations has changed dramatically in the 30 years since our agency was founded. Nonetheless, the core objective of PR remains the same: to enhance the reputation, awareness, credibility and overall value of your brand. How do we do that? We hustle. We tell stories. We get the word out. And about a million other things besides.


PR is a continuous process; a dialogue between brand and stakeholders that ranges from topic to topic while remaining faithful to the tone and values of the corporate entity. PR plays a integral role in supporting the business objectives of a brand, in a way that appeals to the consumer.


Some of our PR services include:

  • B2B communications
  • Consumer communications
  • Corporate communications
  • Online communications
  • Media relations
  • Event management
  • Sponsorship
  • PA/Lobbying
  • Research & measurement

Digital crops up in almost every conversation we have. As the technology continues to evolve, the possibilities of reaching and engaging with consumers through digital and social channels become ever more exciting. This is where every brand needs to be. This is where your brand needs to be.


By combining our understanding of the creative, the business and the technology, we help our clients get closer to their online customers. We devise great social media strategies, generate online communities, create engaging content, making sure the brands we work with are right where they need to be.


Some of our Digital services include:

  • Digital strategy
  • Social media management
  • Social media campaigns
  • Graphic design
  • Video production
  • Content creation

The acorn in our logo underpins one of the core values of our agency – good ideas go far; great ideas go even further. We are a creative outfit with almost three decades of experience in the conception, development and execution of great ideas for our clients.


Our award-winning creativity is applied to all aspects of our work, from consumer and corporate PR to event management, from social media to sponsorships, from advertising to blogging, from print to video, from client to consumer, from start to finish. With sparkling content running through all our communications, we bring brands to life.


Some of our Creative services include:

  • Content creation
  • Copywriting and blogging
  • Video production
  • Graphic design for print and web
  • Brochures and all literature
  • Website creation
  • Advertising for print, broadcast, web
  • Event management