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Founded in 1985, we are a full-service communications agency specialising in Public RelationsDigital and Creative Services.

We are a multi-award-winning agency based in Dublin, Ireland, with a track record of creativity and a portfolio of national and international clients.

We are also Ireland’s sole member of Public Relations Global Network (PRGN), the invitation-only alliance of the world’s leading independent PR firms.

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6 tips for doing a TV interview

Media training is one of our core PR services, and we have worked with many clients over the years to prepare them for situations – planned or otherwise – where they have to face the media.

Why SEO must be part of your PR strategy

When Google set about changing its all-important search algorithms, it placed a higher than ever priority on the relevance of content and the quality of links. This, more than anything, is why SEO must be part of your PR strategy.

SEO writing services Ireland - 7 simple tips

Anyone writing for a living these days, or indeed anyone looking for SEO writing services in Ireland, needs to know the basics of search engine optimization. To help you get going, here we outline our 7 quick SEO tips.

Why PR is effective for SMEs

Ireland’s burgeoning economy and booming start-up culture means there are countless small businesses competing to build awareness. Here’s why PR is a great way for SMEs to get noticed.

5 ways to make a good speech better

At some point in 2017, you will probably have to make a speech. A little extra work will ensure it’s the best speech you can possibly give.